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Belmont Personal Injury Attorney Bicycle Accidents

Accidents on a bike are common and are rising now that folks are riding bicycles due to high gas prices. Traveling by bike is economical and can be quite helpful.

Sadly, several motorists do not regard a bike rider's rights to use the roadways and several bicyclists do not understand they're expected to obey the same traffic laws as motorists. Call Belmont Personal Injury Lawyer at 650-383-7910 if you or somebody you love is seriously injured in a bike accident.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident, call Belmont Personal Injury Attorney now at 650-383-7910 or contact us.

Always remember to wear a cycle helmet no matter of your age.

Bicycle Safety Guidelines

Bicyclists Safety:

  • California State requires all young riders to wear a cycle helmet.
  • Youngsters have to be taught the best way to ride safely, fully grasp traffic laws and be safe on the road. It's the parent's job to make certain they fully understand all of this. Youngsters ought to fully understand the right hand signals for making turns, and so on. They have to understand hand signals required for signaling and turning. (Parents: remember to instruct only hand signals - not rude gestures!)
  • Don't ride a bicycle at night if you do not have too. If you need to, make certain your bike provides you with headlights, taillights, reflective tape and always wear clothing which can easily be seen.
  • Make sure practically nothing is on the bike which could easily get ensnared in the spokes or caught up in the chain.
  • Always ride with the traffic flow(on the right side of the street) and not against the traffic. Bear in mind that motorists are accustomed to individuals which follow the rules and are ready to deal with that. They are not used to dealing with the other things which are abnormal like bicyclists facing traffic.
  • Do not ride a bike after having a drink. Reactions are reduced and a crash can take place if you're drinking.

Motor Car Driver Safety

  • You've got to yield to the biker if you're in the right side of the road with one and you intend to turn at an intersection.
  • Unless of course you are instantly turning you may not be in a designated bike lane.
  • Ignorance of the law won't help if you hit and harm a biker.

Motorists and riders alike need to follow the exact same traffic laws. Bicyclists have to obey these protocols just like vehicle drivers.

Frequent Bike Accidents

In several cases, a bicycle accident is the result of a motorist failing to pay attention while operating his or her vehicle. The following are some common types of accidents which a cyclist might be seriously injured in:

Belmont Personal Injury Attorney Bicycle Accidents
  • Having a vehicle turn right in front of a biker
  • An automobile driver going into the street from a driveway or parking area and pulls out into traffic in front of the biker
  • A motorist's failing to yield at a junction or going through a stop sign or red light
  • A vehicle driver's poor attention while driving past a biker
  • After stopping at a stop sign motorists do not look both ways whenever resuming driving
  • Motorists drunk driving

Whenever bikers ride on the road they have to be defensive drivers. Regrettably the very best way to steer clear of a potential collision is to be mindful of your surroundings and watch out for inattentive drivers.

Bike Accident Stats

Bicycle Accidents have resulted in some alarming stats:

  • A biker is fatally hurt every six hours
  • Almost one million boys and girls are seriously injured yearly in bike related accidents
  • 49% of all bike fatalities occur to boys and girls younger than sixteen
  • 75% of all injury and fatalities are because of head injuries
  • Whilst collisions with vehicles only account for 1/3 of the incidents, they are the cause of the majority of the tragic injuries. Motor vehicle operators really should see a bike as a motor vehicle and observe the same laws.

Motor vehicle operators should see a bicycle as a motor vehicle and observe the same laws.

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