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Belmont Personal Injury Attorney Boating Accidents

Boating accidents frequently happen because of carelessness and can lead to serious and lethal traumas. Boating accidents aren't limited to smaller pleasure vessels either, they can happen on anything from luxury cruise ships to Navy vessels.

Regardless of what size ship or the circumstances around it a boating accident is a distressing thing. One of several things which make it so hazardous is the threat chance of drowning. When a boating injury accident takes place, an extensive investigation and assessment of its causes by a skilled legal team is the very best method to proceed.

Belmont Personal Injury Attorney is well versed in maritime law. The Jones Act, Maritime law and Admiralty law are all matters Belmont Personal Injury Legal professionals comprehend completely coupled with personal injury law.

If you or someone you care abouthas suffered a boating injury you could get in touch with Belmont Personal Injury Attorney at 650-383-7910. You'll be able to also contact us on-line.

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Causes of Boating Accidents

Collisions are often the most widespread cause of severe injury and fatality in boating accidents. Other injuries are falling or slipping, reckless driving, drunk driving, boat failures and inexperienced water craft operators.

Aquatic sports for example jet or water skiiing, going swimming and sportfishing are enjoyed. Regrettably, there's the potential for hazard in these activities, especially when someone is inexperienced or intoxicated.

Nowadays there are over one million private watercraft vessels in use. Each and every year traumas and fatality happen around five thousand times annually.

Keeping Safe On The Water

Here are several safety tips and hints which can help prevent accidental injuries.

  • Before leaving your home to savor a day out on the vessel, confirm the weather forecast. Furthermore, once out, if you see an abrupt change in the wind or see flashes of lightning and choppy water, this can indicate a storm is building. Should this happen, you need to head for shore immediately as stormy weather can develop very quickly.
  • Particular things are necessary, for example a flashlight (additional batteries), matches, a waterway map, flares, suntan lotion, emergency first aid kit, and additional sunglasses. Those items not waterproof ought to be put in a water tight bag or a carrier which floats.
  • Make certain someone knows where you are going, who's with you, and exactly how long you'll be out.
  • Make sure to check your boat prior to going, such as the motor and fuel supply.
  • Learn to swim. The very best thing any person can do to remain safe in and around the water is to learn to swim.
  • Use Coast Guard-approved life vests for yourself and your passengers whenever boating and sportfishing.
  • Don't drink alcohol. Alcohol use results in around fifty percent of all fatalities on our waterways.

Look for a boating course in your area (Red Cross, U.S. Power Squadron, US Sailing, the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and so forth) - these courses teach navigation rules, unexpected emergency methods and the results of wind, water conditions, and weather condition.

The Jones Act

If you are hired to work aboard a vessel as a crew member or commercial fisherman, you're protected by a federal maritime law referred to as Jones Act, 46 USC 688. It offers coverage for all those in these jobs who're injured, or pass away, through the carelessness of the boss. The Jones Act supplies comprehensive protection to these crew members.

Belmont Personal Injury Attorney is known for their determination and commitment in assisting our clients receive the outcomes they are worthy of. Belmont Personal Injury Attorney understands the needs of clients and Belmont Personal Injury Attorney works together with the very best experts in the nation to help acquire their aim.

When you chose Belmont Personal Injury Attorney you're picking a workforce of committed and dedicated attorneys who're unafraid to challenge the big guys. This will be our commitment to you.

As experienced attorneys our success rate and professionalism has led to successful benefits again and again.

Mishaps Connected with Jet Skis

For nearly ten years, jet skis have provided remarkable fun on the water. Jet Skis are extremely easy and fast to move around.

Although jet skis can provide hours of fun, they can be really hazardous in the hands of a negligent, inexperienced, and/or intoxicated driver. Somebody on jet skis is more likely to wind up hurt than other watercraft utilized for fun. The injuries experienced in a Jet Ski accident or collision can be severe.

Some of these injuries include: drowning, loss of life, carbon monoxide poisoning, burns, amputations, hypothermia, disfigurement, head injuries, or situations where someone is thrown from the Jet Ski, that can cause a broken bones or soft tissue injury.

Boating Statistics

The subsequent is a collection of boating statistics at the time of 2004 by the U.S Coast Guard and the Department of Homeland Security.

You'll find several factors which impact the accident reports. Be sure to keep this in mind.

  • The report isn't going to include every last accident connected with a leisure boat. Some accidents aren't in the system since they might not be necessary to be noted. Lots of accidents aren't noted since boaters aren't conscious of the accident reporting polices or don't abide by the polices. It is assumed, even so, that nearly all deadly leisure boating accidents are contained in this report.
  • Boating accidents happening on private waters aren't always noted as the aren't under state authority. Reports of accidents on such waters are incorporated in this report whenever obtained by the Coast Guard if they meet the other specifications for inclusion.
  • Non-fatal accident statistics are primarily based strictly on the quantity of accidents documented, thus the actual number of boating accidents is presumed to be a lot greater.

Ten Main Causes for Boating Accidents

  1. Reckless Operation of a Watercraft - Deaths 43 - Accidents 570
  2. Failing To Pay Attention - Deaths 55 - Accidents 562
  3. Novice Operater - Deaths 42 - Accidents 406
  4. Speeding on the Water - Deaths 39 - Accidents 401
  5. Unsafe Waters - Deaths 57 - Accidents 312
  6. Using Alcohol While Operating a Watercraft - Deaths 109 - Accidents 296
  7. Skier/Passenger Conduct - Deaths 26 - Accidents 291
  8. System or Machinery Failure - Deaths 21 - Accidents 285
  9. Not Having A Suitable Lookout - Deaths 11 - Accidents 271
  10. Violating Rules of the Road - Deaths 13 - Accidents - 188

Top Five Accident Types

  1. Collision with Vessel (1,479 accidents - 68 fatalities)
  2. Collision with Fixed Item (525 accidents - 46 fatalities)
  3. Falling Overboard (488 accidents - 199 fatalities)
  4. Capsizing (393 accidents – 184 fatalities)
  5. Skier Mishap (380 accidents - 7 fatalities)

Reasons For Death

  1. Drowning (484 fatalities)
  2. Trauma (114 fatalities)
  3. Other (32 fatalities)
  4. Hypothermia (10 fatalities)
  5. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning (2 fatalities)
  6. Unknown (34 unknown)

Boating Stats

  • 12,781,476 registered recreational vessels were recorded in 2004. 676 fatalities were the result coupled with 4,904 boating accidents.
  • Roughly 70% of all deadly boating accident persons drowned (484 out of 676). Roughly ninety percent of the persons who drowned weren't dressed in life vests. Roughly 431 lives could have been saved last year if boaters had put on their life vests.
  • Alcohol consumption was involved with around one- third of all boating fatalities.

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